Is there an alternative way to treat ADHD besides prescription medications?

Not really . Amer acad of ped practice guidelines state that stimulant medication must be recommended for adhd, since it is so safe & effective. Treatments that don't require a prescription are ineffective & may be dangerous. If you dont use a stimulant your brain won't grow 2 it's potential & you're cheating yourself of high achievement. It makes no sense not to use safe incredibly effective medications.
Yes,but do they work. There are anecdotal reports and small studies showing benefits of mineral, vitamins, dietary changes in small populations, on case by case basis.Behavioral intervention, parenting skill training and neurofeedback are recommended as level i or level ii interventions by the aap, however, medications have the longest track record of benefit and are the mainstay of an adhd program.
Possibly. An alternative to precription medications would be behavioral therapy/ modification techniques. I would recommend seeing a child psychologist who specializes in adhd. Things to do at home that are important are setting up a consistent regimen, ensuring your child gets enough sleep, avoiding caffeine, candy, and junk food, and having a defined set of rules for the household.
Yes, but not much. Nothing has ever been shown to help adhd better than medication. However, there are other things that might help. For hyperactivity, sometimes exercising the large muscle groups in your legs and torso may help. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes before focusing can help. Also, sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair may help you stay more focused.