What causes brain tumors?

Multi-factorial. There are 4 things that contribute to all tumors: 1. Genetics 2. Mutation inducing factors (examples: smoking, drinking, etc). 3. Aging 3. Unknown causes (there are definitely people without family history or obvious "bad habits" that develop brain tumors).
Great question. Have no clue. Probably some genetic susceptibility for certain types of tumors, and we do know that pts taking certain immunosuppressant meds are at risk for leukemias and solid cancers. The biggest issue is the glioma and why it can evolve into a highly malignant local tumor. Hang in there, research is on-going.

Related Questions

What causes brain tumor symptoms? Is it the swelling of the brain or the tumor itself?

Both. Most patients with brain tumors have edema "swelling" around the tumor. Drugs, such as dexamethasone, which reduce the edema reduce the symptoms, but usually do not eliminate symptoms. This is evidence that both the tumor itself and edema contribute to the symptoms of brain tumors.

What can cause brain tumors in children?

Brain tumors. In most cases of pediatric brain tumors the cause is not known. There are genetic studies being done that are starting to locate markers and mutations that can cause tumors of this type. There are also some rare inherited syndromes that have a higher incidence of brain tumors but these are rare.

What could cause a brain tumor?

Tumor origins. Brain tumors, like any neoplasms in the body, can be induced by an interplay of genetic and environmental factors. In other words, there are inherited predispositions in some cases. One environmental factors known to induce some brain tumors is radiation exposure. Unfortunately, there is much that we still do not know about how these tumors start.

What can cause a brain tumor in humans?

Etiology of tumors. Exposure to Radiation is the only definite risk factor for all types of brain tumors (meningiomas and gliomas) History of previous cancers during childhood (leukemias, lymphomas) Genetic conditions such Neurofibromatosis type 1 and 2 Tuberous sclerosis, Li Fraumeni, Von hippel Lindau, Turcot, Turner and Grolin Syndromes AIDS power lines, cell phones, hair dye and smoking not proven as causes.

What is the cause of brain tumor?

Most are random. All tumors result from accumulated genetic mutations that give a growth advantage to clones of cells. Most strike at random without clear environmental risks. A few familial syndrome (turcot's, neurofibromatosis, von hippel-lindau, lifraumeni, some rarities) feature increased risk for one or more types of brain tumors. If you have a brain tumor, nothing that you did caused it. Wishing you the best.

What is the cause of Brain tumor?

Dumb luck. A few genetic syndromes put people at increased risk for brain tumors. Beyond this, we almost never find a cause. Tumors result from random mutations that become propagated. No one's to blame. Scientists who build careers by demonstrating new truths have failed to identify anything credible. The cell-phones claim has no rational or empirical basis. Best wishes.

What is the causes of brain tumor?

Brain Tumors. Primary brain tumors arise from mutations in cells, caused by exposure to radiation family history of certain genetic disorders like neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis, von hippel-lindau disease, and li-fraumeni syndrome, having a compromised immune system (more so associated with CNS lymphomas and people infected with aids). Secondary brain tumors spread from lung, breast, or other sites.
Unknown. Go to school, obtain your md and phd and begin a research career jn brain cancer. Who knows if you find a definitive cause, you may wind up on the short list for a noble prize. One known factor is the presence of a mutated epidermal growth factor (egf).
Most are not known.. There are many causes of brain tumors. The most common are from spread of another cancer to the brain. Other causes are generic or environmental.