How do you take care of a brain cancer patient?

Multimodality. Depending on the specifics of the case, primary cancers of the brain are treated with combination therapy including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
Brain Cancer Care. Caring for a brain cancer sufferer is similar to caring for a stroke patient when neurological symptoms supervene, including epilepsy, mood changes, mental status alterations, depression, partial paralysis, and vision changes. Depending on the area of brain affected, any or all of these symptoms can occur, sometimes early, and other times, in the late stages.

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Could you tell me what happens if a brain cancer patient goes into a coma?

Depends on cause. This is certainly concerning particularly if it is related to the brain cancer. After the other non-cancer related causes have been ruled out (ie. Drug reaction, hypoglycemia, hypoxia, seizures), then you need to worry about if there is exacerbation of the brain cancer. That is, is there increased size, swelling, bleeding that could adversely affect the brain function and thus lead to coma.

What are the consequences for patients with brain cancer when they are treated with chemotherapy?

I'm not sure.... ..What you mean by "consequences" - if you're asking about the downside, chemo reduces the body's ability to fight off infections. It also saps strength and sometimes makes hair fall out, but both of those effects are temporary. Any adverse effects are worth it, of course, if the treatment works.
Few. Unfortunately few medications cross the blood brain barrier, so brain tumors are predominately treated with surgery and radiation therapy. The chemotheraputic agents we do use, temodar, (temozolomide) avastin, and the nitrosoureas typically are well tolerated and don't cause long term toxicity.

How long do patients usually stay on chemotherapy for brain cancer like glioma?

Temozolamide. Is used in lower doses as a daily oral drug during 6 weeks of radiotherapy, and then for 6 cycles afterward in a higher dose schedule.
Temodar (temozolomide) The best recommended treatment at this time is concurrent radiation and temodar (temozolomide) for 6 weeks followed by a five day cycle of temodar (temozolomide) each month for 6 months. There are many that continue the monthly cycles of temodar (temozolomide) until there is evidence for recurrence. At the time of recurrence, there is an option to try another chemotherapeutic agent.

Can pregnant women get brain cancer? If so, can they get the same treatment as a regular patient? If not, what treatment do they please I need this info as soon as possible please thank you

Being. Being pregnant has no effect on whether or not you can get brain cancer. Treatment of the cancer could be effected without terminating the pregnancy if radiation treatments are the appropriate approach. If the brain cancer is due to a metastasis or systemic chemotherapy is suggested, termination of the pregnancy would probably be advised. Because cancer therapy attacks rapidly growing cells preferentially, a fetus would be at great risk and would probably be damaged or killed by systemic treatment. A person near term might choose to deliver prior to starting treatment. So, it all depends....
Pretty common. It is unfortunately pretty common for cancers to present during pregnancy. I think that the extra growth hormones during pregnancy make the cancers show up earlier than they otherwise would have. The most common brain tumor to show up during pregnancy, though, is a meningioma - often curable with surgery alone. Often treatment can be deferred. It depends on the exact diagnosis, though.

How much time does it take for brain cancer/tumor to form?

Depends. Some tumors are very aggressive and have a life expectancy of less than 9 months. Some are slower to grow. Early detection helps out for better treatment. Most people have some type of neurological symptoms that hints doctors to look for them.

How many chemotherapy treatment dose it take brain cancer to be done with the treatment

As many as needed. There is no single answer, dose and duration depends type of chemo therapeutic agent and type of tumor.
Depends. There are several different types of brain cancer. Advanced brain cancer such as glioblastome multiforme may require indefinite therapy with drugs like temodar, (temozolomide) or avastin. Other medications are not as effective. Several of my patients are on Avastin indefinitely, and some for years.
Difficult to say. There are treatments for primary brain cancers that are given during radiation and for 6 months after. If the tumor is not controlled it could be longer. If the cancer spread to the brain, the duration would depend on the other sites of cancer spread and the response to treatment.