Need a doctor. Family practice or internal medicine. Who is better?

No better . Both internists and family practitioners make excellent primary care physicians. I would not choose one specialty over another but concentrate more on the individual doctor.
Either. Both types of physicians are comfortable treating adults. Find someone you can be comfortable with. Remember you are establishing a relationship which will hopefully a last number of years.
Similar. Family practice and im can both do the same things, so it doesn't matter.
Either. Depends. . Rather than whether a doctor is family practitioner or an internist, what is more important is that you find a physician with whom you can connect and develop a trusting professional relationship so that you won't hesitate to share any health concern or ask any question . Good luck.
Either. Both are qualified, the choice should be more a matter of your "gut feeling" about the Doctor, the office, the office staff, and whether you feel like the relationship is mutually respectful and can continue for long term... it really is like choosing a medical Home - where you feel "at ease and confident" in the practice.