Elbow (olecranon) bursitis cause?

Trauma, infxn, gout. Most common cause is student's elbow, from the repetitive resting on one's elbow. Infections are also common especially if fever, redness or warmth are present. In people with gout, bursitis can happen here. A rheumatologist and orthopedist are specialists who diagnose and treat this.
Several causes. Olecranon bursitis has several different etiologies. Most common is aseptic bursitis, where the fluid is similar to synovial fluid. Second most common is from infection, and usually requires aspiration and culture to identify organism, and usually 3-4 weeks of oral antibiotics (based on culture). Occasionally, i see gout in the olecranon bursa.

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I injured my elbow about two weeks ago and developed olecranon bursitis. When will it stop?

It may not. Although usually self limited, olecranon bursitis may cause a persistent bump on the tip of the elbow. Ice, steroids and protective braces are used to decrease the swelling around the elbow bursa. Persistent fluid may be drained in the office, but often returns and may become infected. The swelling itself is not harmful. If painful, surgical excision may be required. The entire bursa is removed. Read more...

Fell on ice, hit my elbow, have Olecranon Bursitis. It's been 4-weeks now -- it is better but can become bad on a a given day. Suggestions?

Eval. how do you know that is what it is? Have you had it before? I would get an evaluation : X-ray to rule out a fracture, and you may need a joint aspiration (suck the fluid of the elbow to analyze it) in the meantime keep all pressure off of it, take Motrin as directed and apply an ace wrap. Read more...

How do you know if you have olecranon bursitis?

Bursitis. In the absence of recent trauma, pain and swelling over the back of the elbow may suggest the presence of olecranon bursitis. Read more...