How do you tell if someone has alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's disease. This is still a clinical diagnosis in which we see an acquired progressive decline in cognitive, memory, speech or language, personality and judgement areas. We exclude conditions that are otherwise treatable with the aid of blood work and ct/ mri. In some cases the diagnosis may require time and the use of other testing like lumbar puncture, pet scan for amyloid presence or genetic testing.
Cluster of symptoms. Alzheimers involves problemms forming memories, getting lost in familiar places and word finding problems earrly on. If symptoms are interfering with functioning, see a medical professional for a workup.
Memory. The earliest symptom is short term memory dysfunction. Later poor attention, difficulty with speech, writing, and doing tasks you were previously very proficient in become affected. If caught early, in my experience can be significantly slowed in my experience. Any time an individual 50 or above complaints in change in memory, I take it serious.