Will swimming aggravate an ear infection?

Depends. If it's an outer ear infection (otitis externa), you definitely shouldn't swim. If it's middle ear infection (otitis media), it's not likely to be an issue. The inner ear is another matter altogether since this affects your balance & orientation. Check with a local ENT to see which type of infection you have & get specific advice. .
Probably. You should not be in the pool with any active infection -- rules against this are posted. Common sense dictates that you don't get any water -- especially pool water-- in an infected ear. I would include ocean and lake water in this rationale. Be patient -- let it get cleared up before going in . Good Luck.
Outer ear infections. Only if you have an outer ear infection, also know as swimmer's ear. Then you must keep it dry or it will get worse.
Depends. If it is an outer ear infection (swimmer's ear), yes swimming can aggravate the infection. If it is a middle ear infection with a perforated ear drum... Yes it can aggravate that as well.
Not recommended. it's often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming.

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My son is ten years old and has been swimming alot. He went to the doctor and has no ear infection, but earlobe hurts and his a little puffy.?

Insect bite ? This tissue is somewhat sensitive to any insect bite that would be incidental to his swimming. If the area is just puffy,pink and uncomfortable to touch a simple bite would be the most common cause.A pustule,tense tissue or draining site might warrant a visit, otherwise it should fade over a few days. Read more...
Earlobe pain. Earlobe pain and swelling can be due to: allergy (put cold ice on it); insect bite (mosquito, spider, tick, etc) irritation from chemicals/irritants; infection (usually swollen & red & painful to touch); if MD did not see an infection, likely one of other causes. Read more...

3 ear infections in a row (over 2mths) for 2.5 & 3.5 year olds. Also had cold symptoms cough and runny nose. Started with swimming. Caused by it?

Swimming usually ok. Swimming CAN cause EXTERNAL ear infections (probably not what they had). Likely the culprit was a viral syndrome (cold with cough & runny nose). Repeat infections are not uncommon. But also keep in mind that it can takes months for the fluid to resolve from behind the eardrum, which can cause continued hearing issues and discomfort, and is NOT a re-infection, but is often misdiagnosed as such. Read more...

What factors aggravates ear infections post grommet falling off with the opening for the grommet still being visible on the eardrum?

The same factors. that promote all ear infections: spread of infection from preceding upper respiratory infection causing fluid build-up behind the ear drum; smaller and more level eustachian tubes in children impairing drainage of inner ear fluid. While tubes are very helpful while they are in place they usually fall out after 6-12 months, the hole heals, and infections may recur. Hope this helps:) Read more...