I think my 14 year old daughter might hve depression and or bipolar, how do I know if she does she won't go to a doctor?

Talk to her. Adolescents with mood disorders often won't seek help on their own. As her mother, you can talk to her about your concerns. Let her know that her health and happiness is your highest priority, and that you want to help her get what she needs to succeed in life and be well. Pick goals she has and align her mental health needs with those that would lead to her better meeting her needs. Find a qua.
Depression/bipolar. You have to take her to your pediatrician and if indicated get a referal to consult a psychiatrist .You as a guardian has to do it and help her she is a minor.
Speak to her doctor. Eventhough she will not go to the doctor, you should have a consultation with the doctor. By describing her behavior, you may get a tentative diagnosis and information on how to address your doctor's reluctance to go and get help.
Adolesc. Dep. Have a family conference with her & the school guidance counselor.
Difficult to diagnos. It is especially difficult todiagnos even when we see patients in the office. Diagnosing teenagers with bipolar disorder is extremely difficult. I would try to encourage her to see a doctor but this can be a very difficult task to get them to agree. Don't give up.