Will a vegan/vegetarian diet help with recurring gastroenteritis?

No. Gastroenteritis means an inflammation of the stomach and/or intestines. There are many causes. Self-limited viruses are the most common cause. Other causes include lactose (dairy) intolerance, celiac disease (wheat gluten sensitivity), inflammatory bowel disease (crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) and others. If it is recurring, it should be further investigated by your doctor.
Depends. Better nourishment of your body, slowed aging, less (even eliminate) cardiovascular disease are possibilities with a low fat vegan diet. However, the intestines and your mind need an adjustment period. Meaning, all the fiber of healthy foods may cause diarrhea for a while. Also, it may take time to find which foods your intestines tolerate well. There will be work involved in finding new recipes, use the many websites for ideas.
Yes. Phytonutrients helps with epignomes and prevents recurrent enteritis check metagenics website they have literature - their product is called ultrainflamx.

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Can a vegan/vegetarian diet help with recurring gastroenteritis?

Yes it can. Depending on what you are eating. Light healthy vegetarian diet is good for GI health. Rice and lentils are good source of carb and protein during diarrhea, make sure eat plenty of yogurt and probiotics for good bacteria. Read more...
Possibly. But it may make it worse, depending on the cause. Most bacterial food poisoning and gastroenteritis occurs with animal products. Avoiding "food, inc's" processed livestock products will reduce that. But if you have food sensitivities, they may come from vegetables or grains and cause similar symptoms. For example gluten sensitivity or celiac disease from wheat can cause GI symptoms. Read more...