How can I treat the glaring veins in my legs once I have my baby?

Maybe not laser. Large varicose veins after pregnancy might be able to be treated with endovenous laser or rf, but often times these veins are too twisted and close to the surface of the skin in order for laser to be used safely. I would see a board certified phlebologist for a complete vein evaluation, including ultrasound vein mapping, in order to know how to best go about treating the vein problem you have.
Vascular surgeon. There are lots of ways but they all start with seeing a good vascular surgeon.
Venous disease. You can see any one with experience in treating venous disease. Does not have to be a vascular surgeon only. It can usually be treated by a laser procedure in office. Does not need surgery.
First, Do not rush to the doctor. Wait few months after you got beck your periods. Some veins may disappear after the pregnancy especially the first one. If after that period u still see them and they bother you go see a doctor. You can get a lot of info from my web site www.Gorenveincenter.Com. I have only 30 years experience in the field... Good luck 2u!
Vascular Surgeon. See a vascular surgeon in your area, as there are many different treatment options.
Laser. Large varicose veins may need surgery or endovenous laser treatments, but small spider veins can be easily treated in an office using lasers or injections. Asclera is now fda approved for injecting small veins. Results are impressive.
Vein Specialist. Following pregnancy you will probably see a decrease in the number of veins in your leg. Both varicose veins and spider veins are often related to malfunctioning (refluxing) valves usually in the saphenous system which worsen during pregnancy. You should see a vein specialist for a full venous evaluation including a venous reflux examination.