Have history of sinus problems and will be tavelling to nepal soon. Some tips to prevent mountain sickness?

Acclimatization. The best method to prevent high altitude illness is to limit your rate of ascent to high altitudes. If you will be climbing a high peak, you should follow a careful acclimatization schedule, increasing sleep altitude by no more than 300m each night. If you are a casual tourist and will not be needing to maintain your aerobic endurance, acetazolamide can be used to help prevent altitude sickness.

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What to do if I have a history of sinus problem and I will be travelling to nepal soon. Any tips to prevent mountain sickness?

Mountain Sickness. Sinus issues generally do not relate to the onset of Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS. Diamox (acetazolamide) 125mg twice a day two days prior to altitude then three more days is considered a drug of choice to prevent AMS. Consider also asking your physician for a prescription for Dexamethsone 4mg in case AMS symptoms occur.