What should I do if my 17 month old has severe tooth decay?

Get to a dentist!! See a dentist right away and get the treatment needed. Child likely will need sedation to get care. If you are giving them anything other than water to go to bed please stop. That is the most common cause.
Pedodontist. You need to take your child to a pedodontist to treat the decay as soon as possible.
Get help soon. See a pedodontist, a dentist specialist for infants and kids. Stop sending kid to bed with bottle of milk if you have been.

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My 17 month old has severe tooth decay, is it too late to go to the dentist?

No get help. Dental caries in infants need to be treated as soon as possible. A pediatric dentist or childrens' hospital dental clinic can care for the child in a setting geared towards young ones. The baby teeth are important to care for to allow for adult teeth to come into place and permit the child to have a good diet. While waiting for the dental visit, you need to brush the child's teeth daily. Read more...
GO NOW! It's never too late. Please go now, before infection spreads. Your dentist may want to refer you to a pediatric dental specialist. Don't delay! Read more...