What are the side effects of triazolam (dentists use it for oral sedation)?

Side effects. 14% drowsiness, 10% headache, 8% dizziness, 5% nervousness, 5% nausea, 5% vomitting. Caution of use needed if patient is suicidal, drug dependence, sleep apnea, respiratory disease, impaired gag reflex. Please review with your dentist to evaluate what is est for you.
Amnesia. Triazolam is a drug that was once used quite often a a sleeping pill. It is the generic name for halcion, (triazolam) the drug that is responsible for the term "going postal." used short term, as in dentistry, it is very safe and may cause amnesia so the procedure is not remembered.
Triazolam (Halcion) Triazolam is used routinely by many dentist for oral conscious sedation. The medication is very safe when used appropriately. One of the best "side-effect" i've noticed with my patients is they have amnesia so they don't remember the procedure. I posit the patients don't mind this too much. Make sure you ask your dentist if you have questions about medications and why they are using them.