Should I take toprol (metoprolol) and Soma together?

No. Talk to your pcp.They are different class of medications for different purposes.It will not hurt if you take them together.

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Is it safe to take a 350mg Soma if daily I take. 4mg methergine, 150mg Effexor (venlafaxine) xr, 25mg metoprolol, 400mg zonegran? Took 100mg ultram2 hrs ago, not helping

W/ a med list that. long, I wld hope that ur MD gave u very clear instructions re: which meds to take at which times. If u're unsure, Call ur MD. Do not take any meds in any combination other than as specifically recommended by ur MD. Most of the meds listed have CNS activity and, when taken in combination, may incr risk of CNS depression, incr risk of psychomotor impairment, decr seizure threshhold, & more Talk 2 MD. Read more...

I have high bp, tachycardia, daily take Effexor (venlafaxine) XR, soma, ultram, zonegran, methergine, metoprolol tar, elavil, neurontin. What OTC cold med can I take?

None. I would not recommend any further medication, since the chance for adverse drug interactions is high. You are are already taking several medications that act on the serotonin system and may result in adverse interaction. Read more...