Does salty water (mouth wash) help with abscesses on tooth and gum infection?

Yes. Salt water rinses have been recommended for hundreds of years to sooth sore tissues and disrupt and kill bacteria. Other rinses you can use are hydrogen peroxide, and chlorhexidine. These may sooth the area or even seem like they are treating it but they are not. An examination and treatment by the dentist is the only true treatment. Early treatment can save you pain, money, and time!
Actually, it does. However, see your dentist asap. Could become very costly otherwise!
Not really. It only helps with the healing. You need to get the cause treated and fixed.
Not Really. Salt water only makes you feel like you have done something that helps, when the reality is that it has done nothing to remove the infection of a tooth or gum disease. This requires treatment by a dentist. Delaying treatment only allows more infection to continually drop into the blood stream and thereby going everywhere in the body the blood stream goes.