Whats the difference between MRSA and a diaper rash?

May be related. As the skin breaks down with any irritation or rash, it may become secondarily infected with bacteria such as staph. Since MRSA is now frequently found in skin infections, it is commonplace to treat all suspected staph infections as if they were MRSA until the culture results are available. Always try to keep skin dry and clean. Keep in mind that most "wipes" will not cleanse skin well.
Staph infections.... ..Including MRSA are more invasive than diaper rash, with more swelling and skin destruction, sometimes bubbling, sometimes pus.

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How do I tell difference between MRSA and a diaper rash?

Crusting. It's not always possible, but a staph infection like MRSA would more likely cause scabs and oozing, sometimes referred to as honey-colored crusts. There may also be blisters, or bullous impetigo, more common in the very young.

How can I tell the difference between MRSA and a diaper rash?

Superficial vs deep. With any given swab you could find MRSA on almost any body surface as a benign contaminant. As in infecting agent it tends to burrow down into the depth of the skin & form puss bearing abscesses. Regular diaper rashes tend to remain superficial, rough areas on the top of the skin.

Can MRSA present as diaper rash?

Not typically, but.. ..It can infect an already present diaper rash. It is more likely to cause one large "boil" than an all over rash, but if the rash is pustular then it could be either regular staph or MRSA (or yeast).
Yes, get swabs done. It is quite common in immunosuppressed patients however less likely to be seen in the otherwise healthy household. A diaper rash is not necessarily an infection however the raw skin surface exposes the area to secondary bacterial infection. In such cases MRSA infection can easily manifest itself as simple pustular lesions over the diaper region. If you are concerned, see your doctor for testing.

Have irritated perianal area like a diaper rash-got call from derm saying culture + for staphylococcus/no yeast or fungus- would it have said if mrsa?

Bacterial Culture. Yes, the culture would have told the doctor if you had mrsa.
Yes. One would think so. There are staph infections that are not methicillin resistant (mrsa).
Maybe. Mrsa means that the staphylococcus is resistant to multiple antibiotics. If a sensitivity to antibiotics was done, then the doctor should have told you which one would work and if it is the one prescribed or not. A sensitivity may or may not have been done. It does cost extra for that service by the lab.

What is the difference between diaper rash and allergic reaction?

Diaper rash. Is a generic term, can include allergic reaction (allergic contact dermatitis) to the diaper material, rare, most commonly is a fungal infection to the diaper area due to wetness, after antibiotics usage, etc., your best bet is to keep the area as dry as possible and use protective creams, if the rash persists please see your doctor.

How can you tell the difference between a diaper rash and yeast diaper rash? How are they treated?

Diaper rash. Without seeing, it’s difficult to diagnose. If the diaper rash fails to respond to more frequent changes and use of ointments sold for this condition, then it is possibly due to yeast infection. Yeast diaper rash will respond to topical antifungals.
Diaper rash. Best way to find out is to see a doc and they can culture it. If it is yeast then cream like Lotrisone (clotrimazole and betamethasone) or desonide ointment.

How can I tell the difference between a fungal infection and diaper rash on my buttocks?

Test an area. A doctor such as a dermatologist can sample the area in question and test it for a fungus. A diaper rash, is usually caused by a chemical irritation of the skin, and should not produce growth of fungus.