Why is it a good idea to swaddle my child?

Comfort. Swaddling makes your baby feel nice and cozy and comfortable. It also keeps them from waking themselves up with their failing arm and leg movements (which they can't quite control yet). Swaddling imitates the warm, soft and tight environment they had in the womb, making them feel safe and secure. Swaddle for naps, bedtime and fussiness.
Only temporary. A newborn is often frightened by the random movements of their limbs and finds the unrestricted world different.Their last memory is the tight squeeze of the womb, which means swaddling can help them for a while. I encourage all parents to gradually loosen the blanket and remove it as soon as they can.We lose babies every year to suffocation in their bed linen, bumpers,soft toys.
Feel safe. Swaddling isn't for all babies, but most sleep better when swaddled. Newborns don't have much control over their limbs in the beginning, so making sure their arms and legs are tight against their bodies will prevent them from waking due to limb flailing. Also, it has been theorized that swaddling recreates the feeling of being safely tucked away in mom's womb.