What is the recovery time for bacterial contagious pinkeye treated with antibiotic eye drops?

Bacterial disease. This usually improves within 24 hours and resolves completely oner 3-5 days. Time to resolution depends on the severity and causative organism though.
Pinkeye. Most pinkeye is due to viral infection. The 40 or so viruses which can cause this have a symptom cycle of 3 to 10 days of activity until recovery except for the several that cause corneal immune deposits which can last longer. Antibiotic eyedrops do not treat viral disease but merely prevent secondary bacterial invasion. They do not alter the time cycle of the viral infection.

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How long does it take for bacterial contagious pinkeye to be gone, while using antibiotic eyedrops?

Conjunctivitis. Antibiotic eye drops for "pink eye" or conjunctivitis are usually prescribed for a total of 7 days. However, complete improvement can be seen as early as 2 to 3 days after the start of antibiotics. Read more...