What is the difference between hives and a tick bite?

Hives last < 1 day. Hives & insect bites itch but otherwise are very different. Bites last for days. A hive fades away in hours although it may be replaced by other hives. Tick bites are usually solitary; you'll usually have a lot of hives. Bites are red, raised, hot & hard. There may be two indentations close together where the tick inserted its teeth. Hives are raised, warm with pale centers and red edges.
Hives . Hives are red, raised and very itchy. Tend to be located all over the body and typically a single hive will go away within 24 hours or less. A tick bite (many different types of ticks and bites) can look similar but tend to be much larger and will leave the redness and rash for much longer periods of time.