Hdl 45, triglycerides 45, LDL 119. Isn't the hdl/triglycerides ratio (1:1) an indicator of large fluffy particles? If so, is a statin really necessary

It Depends. The type of LDL particle (small, dense versus large, fluffy) is not a key factor in determining need for statin treatment. Your level of cardiovascular (high, moderate, or low) is the first thing to consider. High risk patients are usually treated to ldl-c < 100 or < 70. If you meet criteria for high risk your test results indicate that statin therapy may be needed. Discuss this with your doctor.
Depends. Are you currently on a statin? How long have you been on a statin? What were your "numbers" before you started taking a statin? If they were elevated, the statin has brought them into target range, but they may increase again once the statin is stopped—unless you have undertaken significant lifestyle changes like diet & exercise. Discuss matter with your doc.