What dose manic mean like in manic depression?

Oppositeof depressed. Mania refers to a condition lasting weeks to months of elevated or irritable mood with increased energy, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, inflated self-perception, and impulsive behaviors such as excessive spending, promiscous sex, and high risk-taking. At its most severe, there can be hallucinations & delusions of granduer or persecution. It is treatable but many avoid help.
Energy. Manic means an incredible amount of energy, to the point of being reckless, and even psychotic. People who are manic have boundless energy, impulsive behavior problems such as hypersexuality, spending, gambling, plans to make billions that are dreamed up in minutes, quitting jobs to move across country to better jobs at the drop of a hat are examples of manic behavior.
Mania. Mania or hypomania: 1 may show aggression, agitation, v judgment & impulse control, distractability, rapid thoughts & speech, ^ libido, V sleep, spending sprees, high risk behaviors, elation, ^ physical activity or psychosis.