What causes you to hear differently if you have an ear infection?

Fluid. Most ear infections are caused from fluid in the middle ear. The fluid causes difficulty in hearing. It's a little like trying to hear under water.
Ear drainage/fluid. Drainage/fluid from an ear infection block the conduction of sound and cause localized hearing loss. Treating the ear infection can help clear the infeciton and allow the fluid to drain over time.

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I have an ear infection and no fever. But hearing loss and pain. Can this cause my resting heartrate to be up 10 to 15 bpm? I also have pots, eds, lyme

Yes, pain can. Lead to increase in heart rate, due to stress, pain killers, with other medicines prescribed for your condition, will help the infection and pain, if no improvement see your doctor for re-evaluation, best wishes.

Could an ear infection cause hearing lose?

Depends on variables. The inner ear nerve is contained well within the strongest bone in the body away from direct contact with fluids or germs. However, a viral infection can travel to the nerve and cause permanent hearing loss. The middle ear is subject to various viral or bacterial infections, with transient reduction unless chronic and untreated. The outer ear canal can swell with swimmers ear, with transient effect.

Can an ear infection cause bad hearing?

See below. You will have a conductive hearing loss because of the fluid behind the ear drum. Once the infection has resolved, your hearing will return.
Which one. An ear infection could occur in one of 3 sites. The inner ear nerve, which occasionally has viral infections which could cause deafness. The middle ear chamber, which fills with fluid with infection that transiently reduces hearing about 40% but recovers. Or the canal, which develops swimmers ear & minimal transient loss. Chronic untreated middle ear infections could reduce hearing long term.

How can I improve hearing loss caused by ear infections naturally?

Some directions. First, make sure that infection completely gone, that sinuses and mastoids are clear, and eustachian tube is fully patent. Also, check that no cerumen is blocking external auditory canal. Get updated audiogram to objectify your ability to hear, and if there is severe issue, modern hearing aides would really help.

How common is it for a viral ear infection to cause hearing loss that becomes permident?

Depends. Viral infections are known primarily as problems for the inner ear or the middle ear. Viruses attack the middle ear more often than the inner ear. Most viral infections of this space do not have any long term effect on hearing. Inner ear viral infections are rare, but can occur at any age, including prenatally. These can and do result in permanent hearing loss.