What causes a person to have mad cow disease?

Mad cow disease. Mad cow disease is an infectious disease that occurs in patients that have eaten cow meat that has been infected with the prion - it remains an extremely rare disease these days.
Bad beef. The epidemic of atypical prion disease in the uk was the result of feeding animal-derived material to beef cattle. Only people with a certain gene can get it, and it is from eating infected beef. If we believe the regulators, the food supply should be safe now -- but if you want to avoid beef (cooking does not disinfect it), that is up to you.

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How soon a person can show sign of mad cow disease after eating contaminated meat?

Likely a few years. The exact incubation period for mad cow disease may not be known, but it is likely to be a few years. You may consult this site for information. Http://www. Webmd. Com/brain/news/20060623/mad-cow-symptoms-emerge-years-later.

How rare is mad cow disease?

Rare. From my reading, there has been a single human case in the usa, one in ireland, a few hundred in the united kingdom because of the unsafe cattle farming practices in the past, and very few elsewhere. By contrast, maybe one person in a million each year gets a classic prion disease such as cjd.
MAD COW DISEASE. Although cjd (creutzfeld jacob disease = mad cow)is the most common human prion disease, it is still rare, occurring in about one out of every one million people every year. It usually affects people aged 45–75, most commonly appearing in people between the ages of 60–65.
Rare except for. The huge outbreak of the disease about 2 decades ago in the uk that spilled over into europe. Very few cases in the usa. In the wake of this, a human disease, called varient creutzfeldt-jakob disease, was linked to eating contaminated beef. Several hundred cases have occurred in europe but none have been acquired in the usa.
The epizooic of. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the uk primarily is essentially over and there have been no human equivalents (so called variant creutzfeldt-jacob syndrome).

How is mad cow disease spread?

Read below. Bovine spongioform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) is a prion disease, infective agents that vary from viruses in not having dna or rna. The agent can be transferred by ingestion or surgery transplanting the infected tissue (e.g. Cornea) it is fortunately extremely rare for this to happen nowadays.