What are the ways to spot malaria?

Be Suspicious. 1st, consider possibility- it may save your life. In the usa, leading cause of death in malaria patients is a delay in diagnosis & because no one thought of it. 1, 500 cases arrive in us yearly. World wide, 655, 000 people die/ yearly. Symptoms are flu-like: headache, fever, shaking chills, muscle aches, fatigue are most common. Also: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, can't sleep, can occur.
Fevers; blood test. Malaria symptoms show up a week to a few months after being infected by a mosquito bite. Fevers, fatigue, swelling of the spleen, etc... Usually occur. With medical treatment, the symptoms should go away in a couple of weeks. However, without treatment, and depending on the strain of malaria parasite, an infected person can have symptoms for a few years, up to a few decades.