What are the indications you may have sinusitis?

Sinusitis. Sinusitis has many symptoms including facial pain and pressure, teeth pain, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, fevers and chills, and also ear pain.
Several symptoms. The classical clinical symptoms of sinusitis are 1.) yellow-green nasal mucus, 2.) pressure, pain, fullness under and between the eyes, 3.) sever post-nasal drainage, 4.) supra-orbital pain and fullness, 5.) pain on top of the head with sphenoid sinusitis 6.) orbital pain, 7.) nasal blockage and congestion.
symptoms, duration. For sinusitis can develop facial pain and throbbing. Nasal congestion, mild fevers, drainage of thick sputum which can be yellow to green in color, and decreased smell and taste.