Does cystic fibrosis cause immune deficiency?

No. Cystic fibrosis is not and does not lead to immune deficiency. It causes the pulmonary secretions to be excessively sticky which leads to recurrent/persistent lung and sinus infections.
Yes. CF trans membrane regulator protein regulates mucosal immunity and the ability to clear infections from the lung, It may be considered an immune deficiency since the CF transmembrane regulator protein is not working as it should.

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What would experts say about alteration to the generic code that causes cystic fibrosis?

Many different... Mutations in the cftr gene cause cystic fibrosis. The cftr gene provides instructions for making a channel that transports negatively charged particles called chloride ions into and out of cells. More than 1, 000 different mutations in the cftr gene have been identified in people with cystic fibrosis. Read more...