How come I (my eyes) get tired when I wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses. There are many factors that come into consideration, including the current state of the contact lenses, the adequate prescription in the lenses, lens hygiene, adequate tear production, and current health problems, to mention only a few factors.

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I tend to open my eyes wide when wearing contact lenses, which causes some eye fatigue. Is this normal? Should I consciously close up my eyelids a bit as if I am wearing glasses?

It is common. to open your eyes wider while wearing contact lenses, especially while getting use to them. If your eyes are becoming fatigued while wearing contact lens, you should decrease the amount of time that you are wearing them, in order to allow your eyes to adapt. Try wearing the contacts for only 4 hours/day for a few days, if your eyes do not feel fatigued, gradually increase the number of hours/day. Read more...