Can circumcision affect sexuality?

Not so much. "Female circumcision" is a crime against humanity, intended to prevent women from being able to experience and enjoy their sexuality. I'm going to assume that you are talking about removing the male's foreskin. Hygiene is easier, having it done as an infant is a small deal compared to the 10% of men who'll need it later, it protects from HIV infection probably, & may make the glans less sensitive.
Circumcision. The simple answer is no. But, as a health care provider i would hope to have a more in depth conversation with you on what prompts the concern. Is this question about what you are feeling internally? Or about a child you know? The one interesting thing we have learned about circumcision in health is that in broad population studies men who are circumcised do not get HIV as easily.
No. While critics say circumcision decreases sexual pleasure, there are currently no scientific studies to support this claim. In fact, study participants in africa who had been circumcised as adults reported either no effect or increased pleasure.