I have a white bump before the entrance to my vagina. It does hurt and to be doesn't look like a wart or blister. I have some vaginal itching, dryness and soreness but I think the soreness is from looking around down there and stretching the area out. Wha

Bartholin Cyst. You may have a bartholin gland cyst, which is quite common. These can sometimes become infected, at which time it's called an "abscess". Bartholin abscesses are often moderate large, swollen, and exquisitely tender and painful. You don't want that to happen! i recommend seeing your gynecologist asap--before it becomes something worse! good luck!
No panic. White bump w/o any pain or discharge usually benign. Clogged hair follicle, gland, inclusion cyst. But a wart or a precancer or some rare std could present as a painless bump. Best to have it checked by gyne.