Is there a way to test genetically for severe combined immunodeficiency?

Definetely. Severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) are a group of genetic diseases that have in common their manifestation as a severe immune compromise, resulting in lack of defenses against infections. Genetic testing is available is specialized laboratories. A promising development is newborn screening for scid in some states: wi, ma, ny, ca.
Yes. Yes, especially if you know that another close family member has a certain type of scid, and which gene is involved in that family member. Some states (ny, ma, wi) also do a test for newborns that is a screening test (not a genetic one) to find patients which could have scid before they become ill.

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What are the tests for severe combined immunodeficiency?

Depends. Scid screening should be done very early in life -- within the first few days. This test is clinically available and looks for, or the lack of, trec's -- which are parts of dna that should be present if immune system is developing properly. If scid screen is abnl and suggests scid the immunophenotyping will be done to confirm screen and further identify genetic defect. Read more...