Why do I have a loose stomach after caesarean section?

Loss of muscle tone. During a c-section, the long muscles of the abdominal wall are cut by incision. By cutting the muscles, nerves to the muscles can be damaged leading to atrophy of the muscles. Repair of the incision involves sutures. The surgical repair of the incisions can only approximated 80-90% of the original strength of the original tissues. Thus over time the wall may bulge or herniate.
Tissue laxity. 1. Skin stretch from pregnancy, combined with 2. Abdominal wall / muscle laxity. A tummy tuck can fix both of those issues!
Loose skin? If you are overweight only after pregnancy, then watching your eating habits and exercise will help a great deal. If you have loose skin and a bulging abdomen, then most likely a tummy tuck or mini- tummy tuck is best for you. This is commonly done as part of a "mommy makeover" you are close, so feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] i would be happy to see you. Dr. Fred.