What is diabetic keto acidosis?

DKA. A metabolic emergency for patients primarily with type 1 diabetes, DKA symptoms include those of high blood sugars initially. As the ketones build up, patients may have a fruity odor on the breath, get abdominal pain & vomit. Because they're already urinating a lot, dehydration can get bad. Some may breathe fast, get headaches, have altered consciousness. Without proper treatment, death imminent.

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What causes diabetic keto acidosis?

Dka. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition whereby glucose which is used by cells for energy is not made available to the cells due to a lack of insulin. The lack of Insulin causes a dramatic rise in blood sugar triggering a host of meatbolic derangemants including dehydration as well as the production of ketones which are toxic as it raises the bodies acid level and will affect potassium levels. Read more...