Is strep throat very contagious?

Yes. Wash your hands, don't share towels or pillows, cover your mouth if you cough, don't touch other people's food and utensils.
Yes. Yes it is. Generally thru close contact through aerosol spread from breathing, sneezing, etc. Also perhaps through contact with a glass, toothbrush and the like. Also from material on the infected persons hands.

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Is strep throat contagious?

Yes. Strep throat is passed via respiratory route from person to person. It can be spread by coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, sharing utensils or drinks as a few examples. You get strep by breathing in or coming in contact with tiny droplets containing the strep bacteria.
It can be. This condition is caused by the bug: streptococcus, which can be transmitted via salivary contact. It is not supercontagious like those of chicken-pox or measles which are airborn pathogens--meaning that they can stay in the air and infect others. So, if you are given antibiotics already, you should be fine. Just don't smooch for a few days :-) good luck.
Of Course. Sure is. Usually thru close contact and respiratory droplets.24-48 hours of approprote antibiotics contains it.

How contagious is strep throat?

Yes. Yes it is. Generally thru close contact through aerosol spread from breathing, sneezing, etc. Also perhaps through contact with a glass, toothbrush and the like. Also from material on the infected persons hands.
Family attack rate. Family transmission rates have been stated as low as 1/32 (summer) to as high as 1/4 (winter) for transmission from symptomatic patients per 24 hr of pre-treatment exposure. Some can actually carry it without becoming ill. Transmission is primarily from contaminated secretions compared to chickenpox that passes easily in air born droplets.

Can you tell me how contagious is strep throat?

Very contagious. Don't kiss cough or share eating utensils with people. Wash your hands often. Gargle with listerine without alcohol several times per day. Use a saline nose spray. If not better in a few days see your doctor.

My fiancée had strep throat how contagious is it?

Spread by contact. Strep throat spreads by contact with saliva from the infected person. Avoiding sharing of food or beverages and other close contact until the infected person has been treated with antibiotics for at least 24 hours is wise. If you get a sore throat or fever within a week of contact then call your doctor. Good luck!
See below. It can be. If you have any symptoms, get seen.
No very. As doctors we do not see much transference of this disease from person to person. This observation highlights that it is more important to know the terraine of the patient than the germ. Keep your body defenses strong with good habits and forget the germs. Nature is the teacher and natural methods are most powerful.

How long does strep throat stop being contagious?

Treated vs not. Most accept 24 hours on meds as the point where someone is no longer contagious to others through passive contact. Untreated patients may be continuously contagious.

Strep throat, when will I no longer be contagious if it's been a week now?

STREP TONSILLITIS. Strep throat responds easily to antibiotics like penvk and can render you less contagious on the 2nd day but you have to finish it until 10 days for complete cure.
? treated? If you were started on treatment with a penicillin or similar drug you would be consideded no longer contagious 24 hours after the start of therapy. If you were not treated, or did not maintain an adequate treatment for the prescribed course, you may remain contagious for months.
48 hours. You are not contagious after 48 hours from the start of your antibiotics. In rare instances if you have severe tonsillitis, the contagiousness could last a little longer, or if you develop an abcess. However, you need to finish the full course of antibiotics to prevent recurrences and to prevent development of resistant bacteria in your system.

For how long is someone with strep throat contagious BEFORE they develop and start showing symptoms?

2 - 5 Days. "Strep throat" is caused by a bacterial infection with Group A Streptococcus. The period between intial infection with bacteria and appearance of symptoms is 2 to 5 days. This called the Incubation period. Because this an infection that requires antibiotic treatment see your doctor for symptoms of fever, sore throat, rash.

Docs, usually how long is strep throat contagious?

Contagious. You will be contagious until you have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours and for up to 3 weeks if you are not treated with antibiotics.