Is scid a problem with the chromosomes?

Yes. There are several different problems with chromosomes that lead to severe combined immunodeficiency disease (scid).
Yes. Scid is severe combined immunodeficiency. It is caused by a genetic problem (in the chromosomes). There are several different genetic problems which can cause various types of scid. Treatment for most forms of scid is primarily a bone marrow transplant. See an expert in immunodeficiency at a major medical center if your child has this diagnosis.

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What chromosome is scid associated with?

X-linked SCIDs assoc. Mutations in 9 different genes have been found to cause the human scids. The products of 3 of the genes: 2rg, jak3, and il-7r? -are components of cytokine receptors, and 3 more: rag1, rag2, & artemis -are essential for effecting antigen receptor gene rearrangement. A deficiency of cd3?, a component of the t-cell antigen results in a near absence of circulating mature cd3+ & complete lack of ?/? tc. Read more...