What can I do about lumbar spinal stenosis if im leaving the army in two months help?

Depends on symptoms. If you have no or minimal aymptoms, don't worry about it. Sometines exercises known as williams flexion ones help as can medication and if needed, epidural steroid injections. If surgery is needed, doing it now should allow enough time for recovery.
See your doctor. You can still be treated as a civilian. See your orthopedic spinal specialist when you're out of the army. I would recommend that you start out with conservative treatment. Physical therapy, spinal injections. Ultimately if it all fails then surgery.

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Please tell me recommendations for being diagnosed with about lumbar spinal stenosis?

Yes. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common problem especially for those older than 50. It can be managed conservatively in many patients for years. If surgery becomes necessary, it can be planned on an elective basis. Check out spine-health.Com. Read more...