What are the long term effects of fibromyalgia?

Many. Many diverse side-effects - social isolation, depression, anxiety, decreased activity with frequent weight gain and muscle weakness. Besides constant pain, most of the effects are psychological or related to decreased functional status.
Fibromyalgia. Long term effects of fibromyalgia can vary a lot from one person to another.
Increased Pain. Long-term effects of fibromyalgia (FM) are increased pain & depression & sleep deprivation. As body becomes generally less toned of muscles, overworked muscles become spastic & beset w. painful trigger points. Lying on sleep surface increasingly more painful & non-restorative sleep accumulates; worsening fibro-fog & depression. Gravity is enemy & aqua therapy is means to reverse this path of pain.
Fibromyaliga. As painful as it is, Fibromyalgia doesn't cause joint deformity, change in body shape and certainly doesn't increase the mortality. If pain isn't controlled enough then that could affect the quality of life.