What are the differences between group a & group b strep throat?

In Newborns.. Dr gallant's answer is correct except for a newborn infant.If they have grp b strep it desperately needs antibiotic therapy as it can be life threatening.Thus if an expectant mom has grp b vaginal strep they recieve antibiotice immediately before delivery.
Treat group A. Group a strep should be treated with antibiotics to prevent potential complications. No treatment is required for group b strep.
Typing for identity. Labs use a variety of specific tests to segregate germs into their families.Strep germs look like a string of pearls under the microscope. The content of their wall determines their type. Strep A is associated with bad sore throat, rheumatic fever, heart and kidney damage. Group B is a common benign germ in the digestive tract.It can also cause UTI's or blood poisoning in newborns.