What are the differences between gastrostomy tube and nasogastric tube?

Gastrostomy. A gastrostomy tube is a tube inserted through the skin into the stomach, used for long term feeding in patients who cannot swallow. A nasogastric tube is a tube inserted through the nostrils into the stomach. It is a short term catheter which can be used for feeding, but it must be removed or it will cause erosion of the mucosa in the nose.
2 ways to stomach. Nasogastric tube is a temporary tube to your stomach inserted through your nose. It's frequently used to empty out stomach to minimize nausea and generally used in acute care settings. A gastrostomy tube is place via endoscopy or surgery and can be maintained indefinitely if necessary. It is commonly done as a "feeding tube" to provide nutrition support.

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How are gastrostomy tube and nasogastric tube different?

Nose and stomach. nasogastric tube is a tube inserted through the nose and place the tip in the stomach for feeding purposes gastric tube is a tube go directly to the stomach through the abdomen bypassing the upper part could be inserted by a scope without surgery or general anesthesia. Read more...