Is prenatal diagnosis possible for wiskott-aldrich syndrome?

Yes. Prenatal molecular analysis by direct mutation analysis, and crrier stage can be DX by chromosomal analysis.
Yes it is. The gene defective in was is wasp gene could be detected by pcr based prenatal diagnosis.

Related Questions

Why does wiskott aldrich syndrome only affect males?

Genetic disease. It is a genetic disorder which is transmitted on the y-chromosome. Males (boys) have xy chromosomes and females (girls have xx chromosome).
X-linked disease. The gene associated with this condition is located on the x chromosome, which is one of the two sex chromosomes. In females (who have two x chromosomes), a mutation in one of the two copies of the gene in each cell usually does not cause the disorder. In males (who have only one x chromosome), a mutation in the only copy of the gene in each cell causes the disorder.

Does wiskott-aldrich syndrome affect women very often?

No. Given that it's a x-linked recessive condition it affects men. ..Women will be carriers.
Very rarely. While it is an x-linked condition and the vast majority of females who have one mutated copy of the was gene are unaffected carriers, there are case reports of women having a mild form of the disease due to non-random x-inactivation.

How does the doctor diagnose wiskott-aldrich syndrome?

See your Doctor. Laboratory and hematologic testing is essential. Possibly genetic testing as well. Lastly, the history and physical exam are very important. See an immunologist!
Freq. Infections. Bleeding, frequent infections, eczema, immunodeficiency, autoimmune manifestation, malignancies.

What are treatment options for people with wiskott-aldrich syndrome?

Depends on symptoms. Treatment depends on what symptoms are occurring. For instance, if there is bacterial infection, antibiotics are needed. If blood platelet counts are low, immunoglobulins &/or steroids are given. The best option is to discuss with your Dr. And find what's best.