Is metastatic melanoma cancer of the lungs usually terminal or survivable?

Very serious. Melanoma's response to 21st century treatment is so unpredictable that even lung metastases, which until recently did mean certain death eventually, might perhaps be compatible with long-term survival.
Varies. This depends if the metastatic disease can be removed surgically. The best chance at survival depends on removal of all the disease.
Now more treatable. If there is a single mass or perhaps 2 surgery or radio surgery might be possible. There are 2 new treatments that could be helpful. One attacks a braf mutation. It can have dramatic results if the tumor is sensitive, but duration is short. Another new drug.Puts the immune system in advanced overdrive and has benefit for a much longer time. Still, unfortunately not curable.

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When someone is dying of cancer (in this case metastatic melanoma), do they begin to get dementia?

Maybe. Melanoma does tend to metastasize to the brain. Some of the older chemotherapy drugs also damage the brain. If this is someone close to you, you have my sympathy. Please keep an eye on your own skin. Read more...

Can someone get around throughout their cancer with metastatic melanoma?

I'm not sure... ...What you mean, as your question is confusing, but if you are asking if metastatic melanoma is curable, the answer in the vast majority of cases is sadly no. Does not mean it cannot be treated, but the patient needs to know the limitations of the therapy. Read more...