Is it true that gargling with salt water helps with tonsil stones?

Yes. Tonsil "stones" are concretions of microscopic food particles, sloughing mucosa cells from the lining of the oral cavity, and bacteria (usually in the form of "biofilm"). Anything that causes them to be dislodged will help keep those pits in the tonsil clear. I have even known some patients who use a "water pik" to keep their tonsils clear of stones.
Sometimes. Pockets in the tonsils, also called crypts, can catch food particles and then the minerals in your saliva can and will coat them to turn them into tonsiliths. If you gargle after eating, they may be fewer and easier to clear.

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If you eat dairy while you have tonsillitis does this put you at risk for developing tonsil stones? Does gargling salt water prevent this?

Probably not. This is a very common problem. Most people can manage the condition by frequent gargling with listerine or hydrogen peroxide, gently brushing over the area with a soft brush, or using a water pik to dislodge them. Sometimes the tonsils may become chronically infected, painful, or swollen. Then it may be time to consider removal. You should see an otolaryngologist and discuss. Read more...

I've had a sore tonsil that goes away with salt water it looks different then the other tonsil and I keep getting tonsil stones? Any idea why?

Tonsil stones. Hello, tonsils live in the back of your throat and with every swallow of food, some particles may become trapped within the crypts of your tonsils. You are already gargling with water after meals which is helping. The only cure is a tonsillectomy. If one side is significantly larger than the other, that is another reason for ENT evaluation. Good luck. Read more...