Related Questions

Is it possible to get a staph infection at a gym?

Absolutely. Staphylococcus is a bacteria that is often found in gyms. Make sure you clean the equipment before and after using it. Most gyms now provide antibacterial wipes.

Is it possible to get a staph infection internally?

Yes. Such an infection would be called either bacteremia (bacteria in the blood) or sepsis (bacteria + other signs and symptoms). Either would be very serious, and generally requires hospitalization. If you are concerned about either of these, please see your provider.

If you test negative for staph what does that mean? Does that mean you are not colonized and will never get a staph infection?

Depends on test. Testing for staph aureus can be done to diagnose active infection, and can also be used as screening method to see if a person is colonized. A negative nasal screen means no staph was detected in the nose. But people can still be colonized with staph at other body sites. Good hand hygiene is important. For recurrent staph infections, a decolonization regimen can be considered.