Is it possible to catch a staph infection from my dog?

Yes. Yes. Staph has become very resistant. Even humans are carriers.
Yes. Staphyloccocal organisms are part of the normal skin flora of both man and beast. So if your dog has an infection treated properly and take precautions to avoid becoming infected, i.E wash your hands with soap and water.

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How often after exposed to staph infection can you catch it?

Exposed? Staphylococci are virtually ubiquitous and you encounter them virtually every day. Tell us what you are worried about and be specific and perhaps can help you out. Read more...

How likely am I to catch staph infection surfing after rain fall in los angeles?

Staph infections. Staph infections are transmitted by contact with someone who has the infection or is colonized with staph. Staph can potentially be left on surfaces and be transmitted by contact with these surfaces. We see that often with kids that exercise on gym mats. Staph infections are not transmitted by rain. Read more...