Can a rh+ baby during pregnancy can lead to hemolytic disease?

Yes. But only... Mom would need to be rh negative. This would sensitize the mom, producing an anti-rh antibody that can cross the placenta and began to hemolyze the rh positive cells of the infant. This can began to occur early in the pregnancy, making the unborn child very sick. Or it can be detected at birth and cause prolonged jaundice. Subsequent children may be more affected. Mom needs rhogam.
Maybe,maybe not . There are different types of hemolytic disease.The Rh+ baby to Rh-mom hemolytic disease or the much milder A/B or AB to O hemolytic disease. Each issue has available treatments and are not common today,40 plus years ago before Rhogam, Rh disease was a major problem.With treatment, it is seldom a problem today. .

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