Is a neuropsychological test necessary to receive treatment for adult add?

Proper eval a must. Such things as inadequate restorative sleep, poor diet, other medical conditions and anxiety all present problems of focus, a proper evaluation is needed.Some of the meds used are controlled (restricted drugs) for which your doc must show just reason for use or risk loss of license. Some docs are less concerned with testing and will just give you something and hope it helps....poor care.
Depends. Depends on how careful wants to be before possibly starting on controlled substances and what your physician's standards or level of risk-tolerance. Certainly lots of people are. Some psychological or neuropsych testing may be needed for documentation for school accomodations. Neuropsych testing can provide info such as what types of attention, memory or executive skills are issues and r/o ld.
NO. Adult add is a misunderstood problem and one that does not have singular therapeutic treatment. Giving a problem a name is easy ... Getting you balance, peace and quite it another. You can begin by starting a wellness program of diet, exercise, sleep and vits/minerals.