Is it contraindicated to be around pregnant women when you have pityriasis rosea?

Pityriasis Rosea (PR) Investigators in italy examined 38 women who developed pr during pregnancy. Of these women, five miscarried (13%), but the miscarriage rate was 62% in those who developed pr in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. Hypotonia and weak motion were common in the infants of women who developed pr between 16 and 20 weeks’ gestation; only 33% of these pregnancies produced healthy infants at delivery.

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Have pityriasis rosea. Am I contagious? Can I give it to kids/pregnant women? Do I have HPV if I got this? Is it connected?

Not contagious. No connection between pityriasis rosea and hpv infection.
No X 3. Once the rash of pr has emerged the contagious period of whatever caused it has passed. It has no known link to hpv. Some suspect human herpes virus strains 6 and 7 (not herpes)as a potential cause but data to confirm this is limited. It is a self limited condition that will fade without treatment over weeks to months.

Is pityriasis rosea harmful to a person who is pregnant?

No. There is no effect on baby but it would limit treatment.
Pityriasis Rosacea. Reports demonstrates a high risk for fetal loss and for neonatal weakness and hypotonia in pregnancies affected by pr during the early weeks of gestation. Clinicians should alert women who develop pr in pregnancy about the potential risks of this presumed viral infection, although there is no known effective intervention to prevent these complications. Nor is there a clear way to avoid pr.

Is pityriasis rosea dangerous in early pregnancy? (there's a scary italian study on the net that freaked me out)

Unknown. Possible association with misscarriage is not known for sure. Nothing to do. Note that the diagnosis of pr is always uncertain: there is no definitive test.
Well. I have read that study, there were 38 women and all had a fairly virulent strain with significant illness. There was a high miscarriage rate early. That is the only study I have seen and it may have been a regional effect. Some implicate a virus but this unproven. We don't see any problems when mothers develop it. Try not to panic, u didn't mention how far u are or whether u got it during preg.

Is pityriasis rosea dangerous during the first weeks of pregnancy? (there's an italian study on the internet freaking moms-to-be out)

No. Women in the study had significant symptoms from pr. Most patients with pr don't have any symptoms but the rash and sometimes some itching, so this study is not at all representative of a typical case of pr.
No. This is a somewhat mysterious disease but I am not convinced it is "dangerous" for your baby.