3 protruding moles on face. Want removed. Price? Limited scarring choice? Dermatologist or plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgeon. Moles are something that both dermatologists and plastic surgeons deal with. Dermatologists are experts at diagnosing the types of moles and conditions of the skin. They typically perfrm biopsies and shave biopsies. Plastic surgeons are the experts in "sewing" or closing wounds. For cosmetic mole removal plastic surgeons will remove them in the most discrete way leaving the most favorable scar.
Plastic Surgeon. Most plastic surgeons are more comfortable excising facial moles than dermatologists. I often get patients for this because their dermatologist didn't want to do it.Price varies, but most should give you the price if you call the office.

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Painful scar tissue left under atypical mole removal spot on calf. Sharp, deep pain. Dermatologist recommended plastic surgeon. What will happen?

Painfulll scar. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the scar for hypertrophy, keloid or the possibility of neuroma. If it is a neuroma than revision surgery may be indicated. If it is just a hypertrophic scar or a keloid then treatment may include intralesional steroid injection or combination of steroid and 5-fu, massage or light therapy. Please follow up with a boar certified plastic surgeon for proper evaluation. Read more...
History and Exam. The Plastic surgeon will see you. Obtain a history and perform a physical exam. Once he has evaluated the problem, he will discuss with you the options to treat the problem. Read more...