What is the best and safest way to put my baby to sleep?

On his or her back. The chances of dying from sids (crib death) are worse, if a baby sleeps on his tummy. Years ago in america, when babies slept on their tummies, about 3 babies out of every 1000 would die of sids. Nowadays, when babies sleep on their backs, about 1 to 1.5 babies per 1000 die of sids. Parents should talk with the doctor if a baby won't sleep on his or her back.
On The Back. Multiple research studies in many places have demonstrated that sleeping on their backs reduces the incidence of sids by roughly 50%. So until they roll over, this is by far the best way. In addition, some studies demonstrate that a pacifier also reduces sids, although that practice may lead to other issues.
Back to sleep ... ... In his crib, without blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or bumper pads. These unneeded extras might cover his face and make it difficult for him to breathe.
Laying on her back. The safest position to sleep your baby is on her back. This position has been found to minimize your baby's risk of sida ("sudden infant death syndrome"). An alternate position is on the baby's side. It is preferred not to have your baby sleeping on her stomach however. You should also try to put your baby down in a sleepy, but awake state. This will promote her ability to fall asleep on her own.