I have itchy red bumps on my face, the inside roof of my mouth also has red spots then in between my fingers I have itchy dry skin what's happening to me ahh!?

Photo? To diagnose you correctly, i would need to see the "bumps", and have more history. Any fever or sweats? Any history of allergies? Joint pains? Recent antibiotic use? Recent trip to the dentist? Family history of connective tissue disorders or autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid disease)? Are any of these bumps painful?

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I have itchy red bumps on lower lip that kinda burns in a way. They came from nowhere and I also had a huge bump on my upper lip a month ago that made it look swollen and included small painful bumps inside mouth. No insurance so can't see a doctor right

Herpes Labialis? Your symptoms could be due to herpes labialis. It is difficult to confirm without seeing the lesions and possibly obtaining a herpes culture. Herpes labialis is caused by HSV type 1, and outbreaks are usually due to physical or emotional stress, or excessive sun UV exposure. You can try Abreva, which is over the counter, but expensive. Read more...