My wife is 37 yrs old and has been told by the eye doctor she has drusen. What can be done for it and will it get worse?

Annual Eye Exams. Drusen can be found in many people. They dont always lead to problems with your vision. Drusen can be a precursor to macular degeneration and is usually found in an older population. They can remain stable or can get worse. There are vitamins that are recommended for persons who have specific type of drusen. This recommendation should come from her eye doctor.
Drusen. Drusen are yellow deposits (acid mucopolysacchride) under the retina. If they are under the macula (the central retina) they are the precursor of aging macular degeneration but it is unusual to see them in patients under 55 unless there is a strong family history of macular degeneration. It would be wise to have her see a retinal specialist to confirm the diagnosis.